Frequently asked questions & answers

Please find below some answers to frequently asked questions. However if you require assistance please get in touch we can provide professional advice to ensure you order the correct products and avoid any accidents or unexpected results.

When purchasing hydraulic oils or industrial gear oils it’s very important that we supply you with the correct viscosity grade. If you are unable to locate the details in your vehicle or machine documentation sent via the manufacturer we can analysis a sample if supplied to ensure we provide the correct product to meet the specification
The molecules integrated into the VCI packaging material (e.g. film) or dispensing system form a protective atmosphere and a monomolecular layer to reliably protect ferrous and non ferrous metals against corrosion whilst in transit or storage.
We can provide our VCI bags to any size specification to ensure they fit your products perfectly. In the past we have produced VCI bags to protect large ship engines and heavy industrial machinery parts.
Our custom solutions are very effective and we can track the consignment whilst in transportation with the specialist Lascar El-USB 2 pen drive. The installed software logs data based on temperature and humidity whilst in transit. The collected data can be easily downloaded from the device and can be used to create performance graphs.
The Cortec VCI Emitter consists of nitrate-free VCI powder in a VCI vapour-permeable covering. The inhibitors volatilize from the element, saturate the enclosed air condensed on the metal surface in form of an invisible, molecular layer. Allowing the elements to reach recessed and inaccessible areas. The Cortec VCI Emitter can provide a 2 year protection when in a well closed package.