Frequently asked questions & answers

Please find below some answers to frequently asked questions. However if you require assistance please get in touch we can provide professional advice to ensure you order the correct products and avoid any accidents or unexpected results.

The products are mainly used in the industrial and aftermarket sectors and are OEM approved.
Our market leading direct glazing products are used by many windscreen replacement companies around the world. The Dinitrol complete system contains everything you need to conduct the repair including cleaners, primers and specialist glazing polyurethane based adhesives.
Dinitrol RC900 rust converter contains a complex organic chelat base and epoxy resin. DINITROL RC 900 actively converts rust on substrates into a stable organic iron complex. Once the product is dry, an impermeable barrier against further corrosion is formed. DINITROL RC 900 penetrates rust 7 to 10 times deeper than standard rust converters. The product forms a strong dry adhesive film that provides a suitable base for paintwork and other corrosion protection products.
DINITROL Corroheat 4010 Transparent engine protection wax is specifically designed for engine compartments and creates a hard, transparent film that is resistant to both alkalin and acids whilst providing heat resistant up to a temperature of more than 200°C. The adhesion and flexibility properties on rubber and plastic parts are also very good at both low and high temperatures.
Our product applications are widely used in the automotive, bus, truck and railway sectors.
The Dinitrol range includes an extensive collection of underbody coatings and cavity waxes including Dinitrol ML, Dinitrol 4941 / RC & Dinitrol 3125 HS