Frequently asked questions & answers

Please find below some answers to frequently asked questions. However if you require assistance please get in touch we can provide professional advice to ensure you order the correct products and avoid any accidents or unexpected results.

The products are predominately used in the Caravan & Motorhome manufacturing and repair sector however they are also commonly used by transportation & automotive manufacturers. Some of our products are also widely used in the construction industry.
With a thick structured core made out of a material with low stiffness. Sandwich panel is the term given to a special class of composites made out of 2 thin outside layers with a high stiffness characteristic.
ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) is widely used common thermoplastic used in the manufacture of light moulded products like piping, automotive vehicle body parts and vehicle wheel covers. The material provides good shock absorbance.
Our range of Dekalin underbody coatings have been specially developed to provide long term sustainable effective anti rust and stone chip vehicle underbody protection. Underbody coatings are ideal for protecting the wheel arches, baseplate and bodywork of cars, trailers, motorhomes and caravans.
Water based products are made with water rather than solvents. This means when the product is applied they only omit evaporating water. With increasing international environmental regulations coming into practice we are always looking at effective solutions that are not solvent based.
MS Polymers is the general term given to the Silyl modified Polymers group. This group of polymers has silyl terminated polyether groups which cure together with water. The curing process of a MS Polymer is also commonly called “the hydrolysis of the silyl-group to form covalent bonds” Available in a wide selection of compositions means the cured MS Polymer can deliver various different characteristics based on the ingredients.
Made from natural ingredients including proteins and usually animal bones. Natural adhesives have been around since Roman times.
Synthetic adhesives are manufactured with synthetic chemical substances. Thermoplastic, elastomers and thermosetting are common examples of synthetic adhesives. With advances in technology most modern complex adhesives are all synthesised.
P.U. is the common abbreviation of Poly Urethane. The material is a polymer made up organic units that are joined together with urethane links. Polyurethane polymers are formed by reacting a monomer containing at least two isocyanate functional groups with another monomer containing at least two alcohol groups in the presence of a catalyst. The final chemical properties of the substance are determined by the different building blocks that can be used to manufacture the product.
If you are interested in our products you will need to contact your nearest stockist or distributor if you are a trade customer from our directory listing here.
All products manufactured and developed by Dekalin are OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) approved and have been vigorously tested in our research & development facilities.
A sealant is the term given to a viscous material that once applied it becomes solid. However once applied it remains in a compressible plastic material. The material is ideal for sealing any opening or junction of two parts to prevent the penetration of air, gas, noise, dust, fire, smoke or liquid. Sealants are commonly made from silicon, polysulfide and butyl tape once cured it still provides flexible adhesive properties.
Its a very important measurement term commonly used in the replacement of car windows. The green strength is the term given to the strength of the material to withstand external forces whilst not being fully cured.
The term age resistant means that the product is resistant against ageing when cured.
Curing is a term that refers to the toughening or hardening of a polymer material by polymer chains cross-linking. Usually brought about by chemical additives, ultraviolet radiation, electron beam or heat.
We do not currently send products direct to the end user. You will need to contact your local stockists to track or check the turnaround time of any newly placed order deliveries
We are the only official sole licensed distributor of Dekalin products in the United Kingdom
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