TDS Technical Data Sheets

Please click on the TDS links below to download the relevant information for each product in PDF format. You may need to download a FREE copy of Adobe acrobat reader to view the documents.

Dekalin Bonding Products

Dekasyl MS-1 - Elastic Adhesive & SealantTDS
Dekasyl MS-2 - Elastic Adhesive & SealantTDS
Dekasyl MS-5 - High Tack Adhesive & SealantTDS

Dekalin Sealants Products

Dekaseal 8936 - (PIB) based sealantTDS
Dekaseal 1512 - Butyl SealantTDS
Dekaseal 1517 - Butyl SealantTDS
Dekaseal 8869 - Easy Dab-Off SealantTDS
Dekafinisher - Smoothing agentTDS

Dekalin Repair Products

Dekapur 2K-90 - Flexible Polyurethane AdhesiveTDS
Dekapren 3649/2 - Universal Contact AdhesiveTDS
Dekaspachtel - Multi-purpose FillerTDS
Dekapur 2K-6000 A-ComponentTDS
Dekapur 2K-6000 B-ComponentTDS

Dekalin Cleaning Products

Dekaclean - Multi-purpose CleanerTDS

Dekalin Protection Products

Dekaphon 9735 - Underbody ProtectionTDS
Dekaphon 9750 - Underbody ProtectionTDS
Dekaphon Pro Wax - Cavity & UBC waxTDS
Dekaphon BT CoatTDS
Dekaphon BT Maintenance CoatTDS